Welcome to SkillsLink2Work, carer’s toolkit to match skills to employment

About this resource:

This free resource will help you to identify the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained as a carer. From the checklists of easily recognised examples, you can select those that match the activities you do. The resource will then translate your skills, knowledge and experience into a personalised report of your work skills. You can then use the report for job applications and interviews or skills recognition when enrolling in training.

The work skills, sometimes referred to as employability skills, used in this resource are from the Australian Government Core Skills for Work Framework. The 10 core skills are nationally recognised as relevant to all those undertaking work, not just those entering the workforce for the first time.


A few things you need to know before you begin:

SkillsLink2Work has been designed so that you can use it when it suits you. You can save the checklists and return as often as you wish. This means you won’t lose your work if you only have a few minutes to spare or need to rush off.

  1. Take the Tour. Start by clicking on the Tour icon and then click each bubble as it appears on the screen. The Tour will help you become familiar with each section of the resource.
  1. So that the resource can save your work and you can return later, you will need to register by creating a login name and password. You will be able to register on the My Skills page. This way your work is nice and secure and only you will be able to see it.
  1. Begin by working through the Checklists in My Skills. Remember to save your work each time you leave the resource.
  1. When you have completed the checklists, go to My Reports. Here you will be able to OPEN, SAVE to your computer and PRINT the reports- Summary Report and Extended Report. The Summary Report of work skills is most suitable to attach to a resume and job application or present to an employer at an interview. The Extended Report has work skills and activities from the checklists. It is most suitable to help you provide examples to an employer when asked about your work skills.
  1. If you want more information about finding a job or training, writing a resume, or other support for carers go to Useful Links.
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