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Meet Pauline

A carer in need of a change

My 14 year old son is profoundly disabled and is totally dependent on me and my husband for his care. We wouldn’t change him for the world such is our love and commitment. It isn’t that I don’t have enough to do but I feel I could do something other than caring. We could use the extra money and just as importantly I would like to be with other people and be challenged in different ways.

I have heard about employers who understand and support carers who need flexible working hours but how do I sell my caring knowledge and skills to get the job? Well, when a friend told me about SkillsLink2Work, I had a look and it had the answers I needed. It helped me identify skills I have and put them into language an employer understands, like decision making, problem solving, working in a team and being creative. I now have evidence of my skills and knowledge that will be useful to show to a potential employer.