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Meet Fred

A carer returning to paid work

About 4 years ago I gave up my job to be my wife’s full time carer when she was diagnosed with cancer. I had been working for over 40 years and it seemed the right time to retire so that we could tackle her illness together. Joan had surgery and many months of treatments. We feel very fortunate that her cancer is now in remission and Joan has resumed many of the homemaking activities that she enjoys, like shopping, cooking and gardening. She now has more confidence and gained back her independence which means I’m needed less around the house or as her carer. Lately I have been thinking I would like to go back to work, not just for the money but to be busy again.

Every week I get together with a few mates that I met at a cancer support group when Joan was first in hospital. They are a great bunch and we have a lot in common. I mentioned my desire to find a job to my mates and one of them had heard about SkillsLink2Work, so I gave it go. In a very short time I had a list of my current skills that I could add to my previous work experience. This will make applying for a job so much easier. I can show a potential employer that my time away from paid employment has given me new skills, kept me fit for work and job ready.