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Meet Dolly

A proud Dungutti woman from the far north coast

As one of 16 children I’m from a big family where caring happens naturally in my immediate family and throughout my community. I care for two of my grown up daughters who have a disability but I’m also naturally linked to my community. When I was working I had a supportive manager but I was having difficulty accessing services for my daughter so I thought about my options and decided to become her full time carer. I’ve now been a full time carer for several years. By being there for them they have built up some strength and confidence so it’s the right time to start thinking about me to be employed again.

When I heard about SkillsLink2Work I saw it as a stepping stone to create a place for myself to get back into the workforce. The skills lists are easy to understand and help me think about everything I do as a carer. The website took me through in a positive way. There’s no real age barrier in getting employment and SkillsLink2Work shows me I can achieve. I could get a job.