A few stories of how others have used this resource


Meet Cara

A 39 year old carer

I have been a carer since I was 17, a role I didn’t expect but one that has taught me many things. I first started helping my mum look after my grandparents. When my mum was diagnosed with cancer the caring role fell solely to me. I was lucky to have other family members to help and along the way have met many friends through a community support group. I haven’t ever had a job outside of the home and now that my own children are school age and I no longer have my grandparents or mum to care for, I’m thinking I would like to get out more and even find a paid job.

I read about SkillsLink2Work through a support group newsletter. I decided to have a look on the website to see if it could help me get started in my quest for work. I wasn’t sure how the things I did as carer had anything to do with paid work. It didn’t take long to complete the checklists and then SkillsLink2Work translated what I did as a carer into my own employability report. SkillsLink2Work really helped me to see what valuable skills I have gained as a carer and given me the confidence to apply for jobs.