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Welcome to SkillsLink2Work: A carer’s toolkit to match skills to employment.

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services, the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services and the NSW Community Services and Health Industry Training Advisory Body worked together with carers and other stakeholders to develop SkillsLink2Work.

When carers told us that combining caring and paid work is one of their highest priorities, but that being out of the workforce makes it hard to understand what jobs they can apply for, we wanted to develop a tool that would help.

SkillsLink2Work encourages carers to think about how the skills, knowledge and experience they have built up as carers can be used to gain employment. It allows carers to select the tasks they regularly perform to be included in a report of their employment-related skills, suited to a wide variety of industries, not just paid care work.

The project partners wish to thank the many carers who participated in focus groups across NSW to produce the comprehensive list of carers’ activities and provided valuable feedback to the review of the interactive website.

The following organisations are kindly acknowledged for their generous support and contribution to developing SkillsLink2Work:

  • Candles Cancer Support Group Inc. Kanwal NSW
  • Carers NSW
  • DAISI (Disability & Aged Information Service INC) Ballina NSW
  • Interchange Illawarra
  • Koori Yarning Group, Dubbo NSW
  • Sutherland Shire Carer Support Services Inc

SkillsLink2Work has been developed under the NSW Carers Strategy 2014-2019, a five year plan by the NSW Government to improve the position of carers in NSW. We would be grateful for your help in promoting SkillsLink2Work to ensure carers find out about it. We've developed a Communications Toolkit with SkillsLink2Work promotional materials that anyone can use to spread the word about SkillsLink2Work across a range of communication channels, including websites, intranets, social media platforms and electronic and printed newsletters.

SkillsLink2Work is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services.

For technical support contact, carerstrategy@facs.nsw.gov.au